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Complete Business Relocation and Removals Service

Moving premises is a major undertaking for any company. Many companies seek, indeed need, assistance from a commercial moving company. However, they do so in the belief that the key to their problem is simply a question of manpower. This is wrong!

It's not just about moving desks or filing cabinets. A change of workplace or office can be a time consuming and complicated process involving many people at different stages for different reasons.

Whether it's an office, library or hospital ward, it is a complex logistical exercise which demands the involvement of professional expertise

Essential Planning

The most successful moves are achieved through partnership, trust and a complete understanding of the needs of the company moving. It requires meticulous planning and faultless execution if the job is to be completed correctly, on time and to budget.

Modern commercial moving companies should be involved right from the start - the earlier the better. Even at the concept stage, we can provide an initial study on the feasibility and cost of the project.

This will aid the overall planning process, establishing the amount of time the move will take, the likely disruption to the business, and the level of direct involvement required by the company's staff. When the decision has been made to proceed, we can, if required, continue to manage the entire project through to completion. Using us in this way will ensure that the project is managed in the most effective and efficient way.

Overall responsibility will remain in one place thus avoiding any confusion during the move, and allow senior management and staff to concentrate on attending to their own business functions.

Packaging Materials

We stock a large number and variety of packaging for all your moving requirements. If you require any assistance deciding what is right for you then simply pick the phone up and ask.

All your moving materials will be delivered prior to your move

  • Packing crates
  • Bubble wrap
  • Brown wrapping tape
  • Various sized cardboard boxes
  • Plastic covers for office furniture